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Birth of Hip-Hop: The Untold Story

Birth of Hip-Hop: The Untold Story

You’ve heard it a hundred times before: How black & latino party-goers on the streets formed the premise of hiphop by using two records to continue a songs break (where the drum breaks down for a solo in the middle of a song), and through a chain of hyping techniques, emcee’s were born.

Instead of continuing the cycle of the story of hiphop I hope to catch a slightly different audience with the documentary posted below. This is the story of the influence that Mambo & Salsa culture had on hiphop.

The side you don’t hear about as often is (more…)

Where your spray paint comes from

I loved this video of The Birth of a Spraycan from Montana. Loving these guys video production quality and this was a unique look into what most graffiti heads would be interested in and not something we get to see every day, living the culture. Anyways, thanks Montana! You guys are killing it.

Greedy shoes smiling at haunted sex

Greedy shoes smiling at haunted sex

It’s Wednesday so let’s get right into it…


Loving how unpolished this paint job seems.


This artist often plays with the concepts of corporate greed. I loved this detail shot.


I love the colours, and the girls eyebrows slightly raised. Nothing nicer than seeing children smile. That’s inspiring.


SEKS (YEKW) – great colour scheme here. Killer wall! Fun, but aggressive. Defined, but loose & free.


I’m a sucker for faces without eye detail…

Admirers Call It Art, Police sweep it under the rug

Admirers Call It Art, Police sweep it under the rug

Recently (okay, not so recently, this took me a while to finish), the NY Times posted an article (yup, it even made it to physical paper form) entitled Admirers Call It Art, but the Police Call It a Problem.

Oh, is that so?

The fact of the matter is graffiti is a blanket statement. Where you draw the line is different from where I draw the line. In fact, take all other parties out of the picture, and difference exists: Where you draw the line differs on a case-by-case basis. This has huge implications when discussing graffiti, and plans for how to tackle or tame the wild best.

… And a Wild Beast it is!

The fact of the matter is graffiti’s been around a long time. Cornbread — accredited (at least by me and many others) with inspiring the whole “graffiti moment” as we know it knew it — can claim what he wants, he wasn’t the first guy to think up writing on walls.

In fact, neither was I. Nor you (come on, who didn’t write on their mom’s wall?). Writing on walls has been around a long, long, long time. How long? According to some the oldest art was created by humans during the prehistoric Stone Age (between 300,000 and 700,000 years ago, source) and guess what? It was carvings on a wall. Whose wall?

“Graffiti is so yesterday.”
– Jack Richter, a senior lead officer with the Los Angeles Police Department

Sorry Jack, but it’s not just yesterday. It’s hundreds of thousands of years ago, present, and will continue into the future. Graffiti is Today in every sense of the word.

Killah EF graffiti documentary

Killah EF is a graffiti artist from the now World-famous SDK crew. They’ve made a career out of street/guerrilla style graffiti video edits, and are now one of the most recognised graffiti crews in the World, whether the offline graffiti culture likes it or not.

Capital Q caught up with EF to talk a bit about what makes him tick and where his graffiti comes from. I don’t like to talk when I can just post the video so enjoy this 15 minute clip into the World of a graffiti artist.

Rob Ford’s war on graffiti

This isn’t just about a Graffiti war that’s being waged with Ford. This goes beyond that: this is about the system that we live in and recognizing we have a voice to speak up about it’s injustices.
– Char Loro

Toronto graffiti documentary Goodbye Graffiti documents different graffiti artists, different graffiti ideologies and plays with the concept of demanding your voice be heard. Watch ti and let me know what you think!

Goodbye Graffiti, from Char Loro. (source)

Cops Bust the World famous SGK Crew

Yo but for real, when it pans to the Cops paint-work, check that shit out and tell me it isn’t the funniest shit you’ve seen in a while. Every time I watch this YouTube video I burst out laughing. That is some straight up garbage.

“I told you he was a cop!”