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Graffiti Artist: REYES, STEEL, REVOK spray paint a graffiti wall

Graffiti Artist: REYES, STEEL, REVOK spray paint a graffiti wall

Courtesy of the the Goorin Bros, we bring some action shots of REVOK, REYES, and STEEL’s latest foray in graffiti spray painting in San Francisco.

Our friend Revok was in San Francisco last week and collaborated on a large mural with Reyes and Steel on Mission st. Here’s a few shots of the progress and finished mural. If you are in San Francisco go check it out on Mission st. between 9th and 10th.



So a while back I downloaded the Florian Gaag underground cult film Wholetrain. It’s not the most-known graffiti film but Florian Gaag has a good following and the movie is really good.

I’ve been trying to focus the blog on more of the culture surrounding graffiti rather than graffiti itself. Those who spray paint follow not only documentaries (like Cope2: Kings Destroy, Infamy, or Style Wars), but also niche graffiti films – films like Wholetrain.

The story’s a classic. The tribulations of a main character’s personal life and graffiti life – being called toys by rival crews, the ever-driving fantasy of painting a Wholetrain (top to bottom, front to back, all cars), loyalty of crew members and a baby all add to the protagonists obstacles – in the end the film comes off authentic, gritty, and gives an honest impression of the tensions surrounding the graffiti culture. I recommend this movie to anyone slightly interested in graffiti, you could do far worse in choice.

Below I’ve included a trailer for the movie, subtitled in English. If you’re having trouble finding subtitles in English you could check out our accompanying article: Wholetrain English Subtitles, a set of subtitles we at OPEK LIFE have put together for the SA23 Rip of the film, found on torrent sites online.

And of course, most importantly, come back and let us know what you thought of the film! Here’s the trailer…

I loved the movie and think that you will too. We’ve provided a link to buy it on Amazon and can strongly recommend it to anyone who is into the cult graffiti/street art film genre.

Shepard Fairey walks down memory lane

Shepard Fairey walks down memory lane

Shepard talks about the influence graffiti, skateboarding and punk rock had on his life and the ways it shaped his art career. Key moments such as a school trip to NY and the melding of styles by brands such as Shut Skateboards allowed him to develop his techniques. Look out for some classic 90’s skate footage as well.

OBEY’s description on Vimeo describes the video quite well. I just love hearing artists talk about their lives and their past. What makes them tick, where in life they made (more…)

DOES & ASKEW do Adelaide

DOES & ASKEW do Adelaide

Adelaide, Australia may not be a graffiti capital, but in this video DOES & ASKEW from the Ironlak team dominate with incredible style. The Ironlak team have been doing a great job of putting interesting video edits out regularly with great artists.

This is one of the first videos I’ve seen from one of the big companies that shows some specific details of can control – newjacks can learn a thing or two! Thanks to Ironlak for putting out these great videos and thanks to Australian writers for coming with the heat these last few years.

Here’s a great screenshot from the video, check out the actual vid below. As always, thanks for supporting the movement, leave a comment and let us know what you thought! (more…)

The Problem with Rob Ford’s War on Graffiti

The Problem with Rob Ford’s War on Graffiti

Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford declared war on graffiti & street art. The problem with governments declaring war on concepts (for example: drugs, graffiti, terrorism) is that a concept is undefined. Where does art end, street art begin, where does graffiti turn into street art, and when does street art become tagging?

(photo by: Peter J. Thompson)

“It’s going to be spotless. You go downtown now, you see all the graffiti — you aren’t going to have any graffiti there.”

That’s a quote from March 2010. You tell me Toronto, how’s the downtown area – any graffiti?

The problem

The more you clamp down on accepted (albeit illegal) walls where graffiti thrives and artists spend hours perfecting their work, the less time (more…)

Wholetrain English Subtitles (Sa23)

Recently I sat down to watch Florian Gaag’s cult underground cult film Wholetrain. It’s not the most well-known graffiti film but Florian Gaag has a sizeable underground following and the movie is quite good.

There are a couple versions circulating but the one I’ve created works with the Sa23 download.

I release the subtitle file here free to the public in hopes that:

  1. … more people will watch the movie
  2. … and those who are searching for the subtitle find it

Download Wholetrain Sa23
subtitles in English

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the movie. What did you think? Do you have any other recommendations for graffiti movies? Leave a comment and share them with the rest of us!